The importance of redox signaling molecules for cellular function and health

The importance of redox signaling molecules for cellular function and health

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Redox Signaling

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Redox signaling is part of the normal physiology of your cells and provides cellular energy and communication so that you can function at your best. Learn about redox signaling molecules and why they kickstart your body’s natural process for cell protection and renewal.

What are redox signaling molecules?

Your body is made up of trillions of cells. Inside each cell are mitochondria, which produce the fuel needed for your body to keep functioning properly. Your cells are constantly communicating with one another, thanks to redox signaling molecules. These tiny molecules are the communication centers in each of your cells.

If a cell is damaged or functioning poorly, redox signaling molecules will let your body know that it needs to develop new cells, promote immune system function, or help adjust damaged tissues. Redox signaling molecules can go to work to replace and renew cells when one has lived out its life cycle.

Molecules that create balance

Your cells require balance to function at their best. A build-up of oxidative stress will trigger a warning to your body that a cell has been damaged or is poorly functioning. Oxidative buildup is the way a cell knows something is wrong, and that’s when it signals the genes inside the cell’s nucleus. This is redox signaling.

Messengers that keep your body communicating

When your cells are functioning optimally, they are in balance, and the mitochondria will continue to produce redox signaling molecules. However, this process slows down as we age. Everyday stress, poor diet, and environmental toxins can interfere with our cells’ ability to function and send messages.

When homeostasis is not achieved in a cell, it will turn unwanted genes on. These genetic instructions help the body dictate healthy functions and when that communication stops, health can suffer. If normal cellular function declines, our body doesn’t have the same support for crucial functions, nor can it renew or help cells adjust and recover.

Research and innovation in redox signaling

Researchers and scientists have explored the mechanics behind redox signaling for many years. ASEA uses a groundbreaking technology that supplements your body’s own redox signaling potential. After extensive research and laboratory testing, ASEA landed on a solution to deliver redox signaling technology in products that support energy, rejuvenation, and vitality in the human body. Our commitment to scientific integrity is one of our hallmarks, and we dedicate our research to offering supplements that affect your body’s health all the way down to the cellular level—so your cells can fulfill their greatest potential, and you can live your best life.

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