Maximize your vitality with ASEA VIA LifeMax

Maximize your vitality with ASEA VIA LifeMax

Monday, April 10, 2023


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Eating a healthy diet is essential for maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Still, even the most intentional food choices leave our bodies feeling depleted and lacking the nutritional building blocks that complement our fitness goals. LifeMax is a supplement that can help counter the effects of physical stress, natural aging, and cellular energy levels, and is shown to have an active effect on the body.*

Maintaining and improving performance while gaining a competitive edge

The health benefits of physical activity are unparalleled and generate enhanced moods, healthy muscles, stronger bones, and longevity. Taking a supplement like ASEA® VIA® LifeMax adds nutritional support to help you thrive in your active lifestyle.*

Balanced nutrition

ASEA® VIA® LifeMax supplement is an essential step toward being your best self. It can help you train harder, gain a competitive edge, and improve your overall performance. Balanced nutrition is key to keeping your joints lubricated, muscles strengthened, and tendons and ligaments flexible. People of all ages and abilities want to get the most out of their nutrients before, during, and after physical activity. ASEA® VIA® LifeMax is formulated with 16 distinctive natural plant extracts that have been identified to help support the body’s natural exercise-induced inflammatory response and counter the effect of cellular aging. Formulated with BioVIA™ Complex, this specialized blend provides the raw materials to help your body to maintain an active lifestyle.

Counterbalance distress in your cells with a nutritional foundation

Distress is a reality for your cells and something you need to counterbalance, as cells are the foundation of health. You can’t evade aging, but you can help support the body’s natural response to oxidative stress. ASEA® VIA® LifeMax is formulated for excellent efficacy with ingredients that support an active lifestyle at any stage in life. Here are some of the key ingredients in LifeMax and the benefits they provide.*

Pomegranate extract

If you engage in an active lifestyle and feel the damage of oxidated stress in your body, pomegranate extract is naturally high in antioxidants that your body needs to counteract the effects caused by oxidation. ASEA® VIA® LifeMax has been shown to have an active effect in the body, leaving your body high in antioxidants that can help with exercise-induced inflammation while rebuilding your body and cutting down recovery time.*

French cantaloupe extract

Supports the body’s natural response to injury and cell maintenance, and stress within the body’s joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles are part of being active, yet it doesn’t have to be so stressful and take so long to recover after a workout. French cantaloupe extract counters the effects of cellular aging and supports the body’s natural response to injury and cell maintenance. Its power activates the body’s own production of antioxidants and promotes longevity so your muscles, bones, and body can thrive.*

Stragalus and GOTU KOLA extracts

The effects of aging are natural and over time our bodies begin to feel the impact of an active lifestyle. While aging is just part of life, there is a way to help slow down the effects and feel healthier. Stragalus and GOTU KOLA extracts are a great way to reinforce your body’s defenses and support a healthier more active lifestyle, and have been shown to make the skin appear younger and stimulate better cellular health regardless of age.

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