Clearing the haze: Tips for boosting cognitive performance and overcoming brain fog.

Clearing the haze: Tips for boosting cognitive performance and overcoming brain fog.

Thursday, February 23, 2023

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You take care of your body. You take care of your beauty. Just like you need physical activity to stay healthy and look great, you must also prioritize working with your brain. See how to improve cognitive performance and how you can take proper care of your brain.

How to improve cognitive performance

The study of brain health and development has become a spotlight issue now that more and more people are seeking knowledge about brain fog and declining cognitive ability. Brain health can be affected by many different things, such as age-related changes, injuries, trauma, mood disorders, substance abuse, and conditions like dementia.

The human brain continues to develop until age 25 and then it starts shrinking. The average human brain begins to shrink by approximately 5% per decade after age 40, which is why memory and focus tend to become more difficult. Caring for your brain helps you feel mentally sharper and can help ward off serious illness in the future. Research shows that 40% of dementia cases in later life could have been prevented or delayed by preventative actions taken in a person’s 20s, 30s, and 40s.

Start with the basics

The most impactful thing you can do to take care of your brain and invest in your own well-being is to make sure you’re feeding it the right fuel. Your brain needs the right nutrients, enough drinking water, plenty of rest, and physical movement. According to one study, researchers found that participants had a 32% lower risk of developing dementia if they had a healthy lifestyle.

Stay physically active

Getting your blood pumping, whether it’s by training, taking a brisk walk, or even dancing around the house, has been shown to lower your risk of cognitive decline by as much as 30%. Exercise also helps our brains remember things. Regular movement improves the memory, attention, and processing speed of healthy adults. Physical movement also helps keep blood pressure and cholesterol in check, both linked to cognitive decline. Exercise can help you:

Maintain and improve strength

Prevent more serious health conditions

Improve balance

Have more energy

Reduce depression and perk up mood

Guidelines suggest that all adults get at least 2.5 hours of physical activity each week. It only takes between 10 and 30 minutes of daily physical activity to lift your mood instantly. Studies show that one workout session can help improve your reaction time.

Get enough sleep

Sleeping is a priority because while you sleep, your brain is washed by cerebrospinal fluid, which removes toxins that can build up and contribute to brain degeneration. Without sleep, you can’t form or maintain pathways that let you learn and create new memories, and this makes it harder to concentrate and respond as quickly. Sleep helps nerve cells communicate with each other. A healthy amount of sleep is vital for brain plasticity and adapting to new input.

Stay connected

Staying intellectually engaged helps improve cognitive performance. Learning new skills helps improve your thinking. Reading books, playing strategy games like chess, teaching or taking a new class, or volunteering can help mentally stimulate cognitive performance. Activities that help us expand our mind help protect the brain by establishing a cognitive reserve, which helps your brain stay adaptable. Staying connected socially helps lower the risk of some health problems and improve cognitive well-being.

Use daily supplements that promote brain health

Navigating the distractions and vast amount of constant updates and information that modern life throws at us can be overwhelming. REDOXMind is an easy-to-use stickpack that gives you greater focus while on-the-go. Using a blend of cognitive-enhancing ingredients together with nootropics and minerals to support against oxidative stress, REDOXMind aids in your brain’s performance.

Experience greater focus, memory, clarity, sharper thinking, and overall brain health—with healthy ingredients without artificial flavors, colors, sugars, or preservatives. Don’t let your brain’s performance diminish. Help your brain age healthily by lessening cellular disruptions and alleviating stress-induced interference so you can focus on what you want when you want.

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