Beginner's Guide to Starting a Skin Care Routine: Step-by-Step Instructions

Beginner's Guide to Starting a Skin Care Routine: Step-by-Step Instructions

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

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Does your skin care routine order really matter? It most certainly does—believe it or not, creating a solid routine for dermatology is a time-and product-dependent process. What’s your routine missing?

Below, we’ll dive into how to use a skin care routine, no matter which products you love to use. The best skin care routines cater to the skin’s physical needs, nourishing your body with every application—ASEA products across the board rise above the rest in this regard, which is why we hope you’ll give us a try.

Learning how to start a skincare routine

Skin care refers to habits that set your skin up for success in every way possible. Keeping it clean, toned, and moisturized are the bare-bones basics. What else should your routine include?

The truth: It all starts with the right products. We love all-natural, filler-free formulas, and you can find many brands (including ours!) that prioritize a clean, lean formula above all else.

Our RENUAdvanced Skin Care System includes everything you need if you’re here to learn how to use a skin care routine. Simply bring it home with you, and you’ll be ready to find the balance and hydration your skin deserves daily. The question that remains, however, is how to put all the pieces together.

The ideal skin care routine order, according to our expert Beauty Board team:

Cleanse your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser.

Use a toner to remove any unwanted residue after rinsing and balance your microbiome.

Apply serum to your skin care regimen.

Treat acne and any other blemishes on your face.

Moisturize your skin—use a richer hydrating cream in the evening.

If you plan on leaving the house, top it all off with face-friendly sunscreen.

Ideally, you should commit to all of the above, both morning and night. While doing it all before work or school may be hard, doubling down on your skin care routine order after you’re home for the day will likely be more than enough to keep your skin looking healthy and fresh.

ASEA tips: How to start a skin care routine with us

As mentioned, supplementary products like retinoids and other specialty creams will only enhance your complexion. It’s wise to apply these extras after your face is totally clean and dry, or you may risk diluting the product with any water remaining on your face.

RENU28 Revitalizing Redox Gel is one great example, and you can use it with any line of skin care products. We have to say, however, that it truly shines like no other when used in tandem with our own RENUAdvanced Skin Care routine.

A few more tips, courtesy of the best skin care routines we know:

Try to avoid extra-hot showers and baths, especially at length.

Go fragrance-free whenever possible.

Choose organic, gentle, natural, paraben-free skin care products.

Always use sunscreen when you leave your home.

Nix smoking, drinking, and any illicit substances.

Stop picking at blemishes, and allow them to heal naturally.

See a dermatologist regularly for any questions you may have.

Stress, anger, and anxiety are major contributors to acne and oily skin. So remember that any self-care that helps your mood and reduces stress is also a form of skin care. The things that cause you stress and anxiety may prompt hormones that can negate your best efforts at skin maintenance and repair.

For more information on how to keep your skin feeling fresh and beautiful, feel free to reach out to us. It’s not always easy to take care of your body’s most important organ (especially as we age!), but the effort is always well worth it. Why gamble with one of your biggest assets?

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