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elegant caterer greater Vancouver

elegant caterer greater Vancouver

A catered affair is an upscale approach to a party or gathering. Any event can be made classier with an elegant caterer in greater Vancouver. Catering an event is the easiest and least stressful way to throw a party. You can simply choose the menu you prefer and then sit back and enjoy your gathering along with your guests. All the work will be done for you and the event will be a huge success. The most difficult part of the entire process is choosing the menu options you prefer.

Menu Choices

The first step in planning any party is to determine the number of people and finding a venue. Once you know these details you can hire an elegant caterer in greater Vancouver. Decide whether your party will be a sit-down affair or will be a smorgasbord style event. Some gatherings require a cocktail hour with appetizers. These can be passed around by a waiter or they may be arranged in stations.

Appetizers include small bite-sized portions that guests can easily handle while standing. Additional options include cheese platters and dips that can be presented on tables that allow guests to take what they want. When you want to create a very sophisticated event you may want to choose to have hors d'oeuvres circulated.

Plated Service

One of the best ways to ensure that your party is classy is by choosing plated service from an elegant caterer in greater Vancouver. Plated service means that each guest will receive his or her own plate of food at their table. This differs from stations, where guests choose their own food from a selection of assorted choices in a smorgasbord style.

At Austin Gourmet we offer a large selection of menu choices so there is sure to be something that you and your guests will enjoy. Some of the options include a carvery. The carvery is a station set up that provides cut to order meats and other items and is manned by a chef. Guests visiting the carvery station can specify their preferences.

You will choose from a selection of menu packages including the Dinner Feast Buffet, Sea to Sky Buffet, Grand Pacific Buffet, the B.C. Buffet, the Baron of Beef Buffet and the Deluxe Hot and Cold Buffet. These include your choice of salad and sides and come with dessert and coffee. There are plenty of choices available with each package so you can completely customize your menu.

Elegant Caterer in Greater Vancouver

The best way to take your party up a notch is with help from an experienced caterer. Austin Gourmet has been catering elegant parties and events in the Vancouver area since 1988. We provide high quality food choices to create memorable gatherings. We have experience with all types of events including corporate events, weddings, barbeques, holiday parties, political conventions, boat cruises and more. We will work with you to choose a package that best fits your needs. We can certainly make any changes or additions to suit your specific needs. Contat Austin Gourmet today to schedule catering services for your next party.

elegant caterer greater Vancouver
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elegant caterer greater Vancouver
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