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Addiction Intervention Services

Addiction Intervention Services

It's challenging to watch your loved ones in addiction. When they are addicted, you want to do something to help them, but you don't know how or where to start. Sometimes, intervention is the best step you can take if addiction is taking over the lives of your loved ones. An addiction intervention can be the key. They will help your addicted loved one see that they're hitting bottom while offering them a way out through addiction recovery.

At Addiction Interventions, we understand that you may be running out of options and have nowhere left to turn when your loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Therefore, we can lead you through professional intervention and match your loved one with a center that offers the best treatment modalities. Here is a list of intervention services your addicted loved one will get.

Simple Intervention

Simple interventions are the most straightforward type of intervention. People start this kind of intervention to ease things before assembling a large group. It's successful when organized and carried out with the help of a specialist. It involves one-on-one conversations between you, a healthcare professional, and a loved one. The discussion is focused on how addiction has affected the individual and why they must consider treatment.

Classic Intervention

Classic intervention is arguably one of the most common types of intervention used. It involves counseling and educating all participants and family members ahead of time. This method excludes the addict from the intervention plans because they will disappear if they find out about an intervention. Those organizing the intervention will meet ahead of time to discuss what they are expecting from the intervention and how they want it to go. A professional interventionist is usually there to oversee the process.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis interventions are impromptu and happen in a time of crisis. When someone's addiction becomes severe or poses a danger to them or others, loved ones who are present may have to seek addiction intervention on the spot. Those who conduct crisis interventions may have to be harsh in their thoughts to get the person to concede the severity of the condition. This type of intervention is not planned like others but still conveys the same goal: to get treatment for the addicted person.

Family System Intervention

Family system interventions can help individuals overcome their addiction. Unlike other addiction interventions, this method supports the individual and their family and promotes healing. Relatives play a massive role in addicts' lives, so they're encouraged to receive counseling. Once every family member gets the help they need, getting addiction treatment can be a smoother process.

Contact Addiction Interventions

If you or someone close to you is struggling with a different mental health disorder or addicted to alcohol or drugs, don't hesitate to contact us. We can connect you and the addicted loved one with the help they need to recover. Coordinates treatment plans and connects you with recovery specialists. Call us today at 866-584-2525 for addiction intervention services.

Addiction Intervention Services
Addiction Interventions
Addiction Intervention Services
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